Staying in bio-bubble is almost like Bigg Boss: Shikhar Dhawan

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is about displaying one’s cricket skills and implementing them on the match field. However, this time the performance in the tournament will depend more on the mental fitness of the players rather than their skills. It would be mentally challenging for the cricketers to get accustomed to the biosecure bubble and prepare themselves for facing the field after a long pandemic-induced break.

On Tuesday, the IPL franchise Delhi Capitals opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan opined on the mental aspect of the 2020 edition of the cash-rich league, which is all set to run from September 19 to November 10 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The swashbuckling batsman also spoke about the DC’s squad and how he is coping up with the ‘new normal’ brought in by the biosecure bubble.

In an interaction with Hindustan Times, speaking about the bio-bubble, Dhawan reckoned that though it is challenging to stay with the same people and being confined in a hotel, he enjoys his own company to keep him motivated and entertained. The Southpaw added that this league is going to matter a lot as it will test the mental strength of the players.

“Nice to test our mental strength, it (the bio-bubble) is almost like Bigg Boss. It is a new thing for everyone, more than challenging, I see it as an opportunity to improve in every aspect. I keep myself entertained; I take it in a positive way. It totally depends on how a person talks to himself; you can be your best friend or you can be a victim,” Dhawan told HT.

“You can have 10 people who are positive around you, but if you are not your friend, no one can help. We don’t have any outlet. I enjoy going to a restaurant, seeing people. So, how are people going to take it? This IPL it’s going to matter a lot. If people are not performing well, how do they take it? They have to stay with the same people, in the hotel only, in the same space. I am sure it’s going to have a huge impact on everyone,” he added.

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