‘Job No. 1 is Helping Joe Root’ – England’s New Coach Chris Silverwood

England’s new coach Chris Silverwood has presented his plans for the test team, saying that returning to his traditional batting time approach will be his main focus.

Silverwood said his ‘number 1 job’ is to support Captain Joe Root in England’s quest to recover the ashes, which were lost in the local series recently, which was tied 2-2.

“The number 1 job is to help Joe Root, supporting him, making sure the test team starts moving forward so that when we go to Australia in two years we can have a real impact,” said The Guardian.

“One thing we will see is to create a batting group that can hit long periods of time, stack the races and pressure the opposition. It sounds dated, but we have to recognize that. We need the right people in the right places in the order.

“And then we want to create a bowling attack that is absolutely unforgiving. We saw an example this summer: the Australians were fit, strong and made our lives really difficult.”

Silverwood’s first assignment will be a tour of New Zealand. Root could return to number 4 in that series, hit number 3 in the ashes, and Silverwood said the coach and captain were on the same page.

He also explained that his training philosophy revolved around giving a free hand to cricketers to evolve.

“Joe and I had a good long conversation,” Silverwood said. “I want to make sure that from the first moment Joe and I are aligned. So, what I’m talking about now is Joe’s thoughts too.

“People are at the center of my training philosophy and seeing them do well, with their dreams and what they are trying to do, makes me smile. That’s why I do it. I want to create cricketers who think and are self-sufficient. It will be successful and if we can do that, you know what, it will make me smile. “

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