ICC U-19 World Cup 2020 | Hope to Upset One or Two Teams By End of Tournament: Japan Coach

Japan U-19 coach Dhugal Bedingfield said that his side are gradually improving and are aiming to upset one or two of the bigger teams by the end of the ICC U-19 World Cup.

Japan suffered a crushing ten-wicket loss to India on Tuesday (January 21) but their coach says they are more focused on ‘ticking off little wins day by day’.

“For us, we are ticking off little wins day by day. With our bowlers, it’s basic lines and lengths, our fielding plans, our effort in the field. I feel we’re improving and a day like today probably didn’t show that by the scoreboard but we are definitely heading in the right direction,” Bedingfield said after the match.

“We certainly want to play positive cricket and by the end of the tournament, we are hoping to upset one or two teams.”

Bedingfield also added that they are far from a finished product at this point and is confident if making gradual improvements as the tournament wears on.

“For us, it’s just about gradual improvement. We hope to be a better team than we were yesterday. If we can do that every day over the course of the World Cup, we’ll be happy.

“We are a team that’s developing. Right now, we’re at the beginning of our journey. Definitely not a finished product.”

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