Getting Cricket Underway Again Will Require Compromises from Everyone: Aaron Finch

Australia white-ball skipper Aaron Finch expects there to be some form of give and take between cricket’s stakeholders as they seek to get the game up and running again post the Covid-19 crisis.

The T20 World Cup which was supposed to be held later this year in Australia looks likely to be postponed, meaning the Indian Premier League could be held during that window.

Cricket Australia could technically opt to withold releasing contracted players but with India set to tour later this year, that might lead to complications.

“It will get to a point, not just for IPL but for all cricket, there’ll be a compromise from a lot of different stakeholders – organisations, countries, players, the ICC – to get cricket back and countries thriving again,” Finch was quoted as saying by WA Today.

“I think the ICC are meeting next week to start discussing the FTP (Future Tours Program) again. The next couple of weeks we’ll have more idea what that looks like, what compromises will be made for different tournaments and countries.

“Everyone working together to get the best result for everyone. Some situations where it’s not ideal for Australia we have to compromise and give. It will be one big effort, I think.

“With India coming out here this summer, Kevin Roberts (CA CEO) said it was a nine out of 10 (chance). I think there will be give and take in a lot of different things like that.”

The sport has currently been brought to a grinding halt by the coronavirus pandemic but Finch believes that by keeping players in a quarantine bubble and testing people regularly, the sport could resume.

“I’d be super excited to get any cricket back – if it’s international cricket all the better,” Finch said. “If it’s done really well with the quarantine bubble and regular testing I don’t see it being an issue. I’d be keen to get back playing as soon as possible.”

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